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GreenTech Resources Ltd- Best Immigration Consultant Edmonton Alberta| Foreign Worker Recruiter | AINP | LMIA Jobs

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Immigration Consultant Edmonton

GreenTech Resources Ltd- Immigration Consultant in Edmonton Alberta

10180 101 Street NW Suite 3400 Edmonton, AB T5J 3S4 Canada

Your Trusted Best Immigration Consultant in Edmonton, Alberta.

GreenTech Resources: One of Canada’s most renowned immigration consultant and foreign worker recruitment agencies based in Saskatchewan (Saskatoon, Regina), Alberta (Calgary & Edmonton), British Columbia (Abbotsford), and Mississauga-Toronto (Ontario) Canada. 

Why you should choose us as your Immigration Consultant in Edmonton:

We fasten your immigration process: 

We assist individuals to have a smooth and hassle-free immigration process. In addition, GreenTech provides student admission, job recruitment, information, and advice.

Fully conversant across Edmonton’s many neighborhoods, we know just where you’ll find what type of service best suits every individual situation: whether it be Express Entry application processing, sponsorship requests, or Labour Market Impact Assessment evaluations; there is no job too big nor one insignificant enough not worth consideration at our doorsteps located here within GTA boundaries.

We are licensed and have a huge network across Canada:

Our RCIC consultants, approved by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), are licensed with ICCRC to offer services to clients from all over the world. 

GreenTech resources services have offices all across Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, Regina, Prince Albert, Moose Jaw, and North Battleford. Now also in Calgary & Edmonton, Alberta, Abbotsford, British Columbia, and Mississauga – Toronto, Ontario.

We have a high success rate and guaranteed service:

When you’re applying for citizenship, the last thing you need is someone else making decisions. That’s why we are available as your immigration guide and assistant throughout this process.

Our team of immigration consultants has the expertise and experience to help you meet your goals. We know how important it is for our clients that their case be completed in a timely manner, which is why we carefully review each client’s needs before providing any advice or recommendations on what best suits them individually.

Our price is competitive:

Choosing an immigration consultant in Edmonton is a difficult task. It’s important to find someone who can help you with all your needs. We are here to provide excellent services at affordable rates so you don’t have to waste time looking elsewhere – speak with the experts today for efficient results tomorrow.

We are proud to be the leading immigration company in Edmonton. Contact us at +‎1(587)357-9580 to start your immigration plan to Canada.


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LMIA jobs in Edmonton, Alberta

As members in good standing with the ICCRC, GreenTech Resources is a group of dedicated professionals committed to taking care of your Canadian Immigration needs. We can help you become a Permanent Resident in Canada through any number of Canada Immigration Programs.

Whether you or your spouse are looking for:

  • LMIA jobs Edmonton
  • LMIA Alberta
  • Recruitment agencies Edmonton
  • Immigration consultants Edmonton
  • Edmonton jobs for foreign workers
  • Free immigration consultation Edmonton

Whether you are looking for apply for a visa in Canada or are looking to become a permanent resident, let our experienced professionals take care of the complex Canada immigration process for you.

We are committed to all of your Canada immigration needs. Contact us today for your free consultation and let us help on your way to your new life in Canada!

How to apply for LMIA jobs in Edmonton, Alberta

1. Go to
2. Go to Register – Choose the account type as ”Candidate”.
3. Fill in your personal details
4. Go to Sign in
5. Please remember to upload your photograph and update your resume
6. Make sure you upload your profile 100% in order to avoid rejection.
If you are in Canada, please share your current status from Student/ Open Work Permit/ Closed Work permit/ Permanent Resident/ Citizen/ Visitor Visa.

Our knowledgeable, professional, and fully qualified immigration consultants will ensure your application is submitted correctly and on time. We’ll stay in touch and make sure you know where your application is in the process. If you have questions during your application process, we’re always a phone call away!

Immigrate to Canada

All foreign workers and employers have to undergo proper channels and eligibility criteria before the employment begins in Canada. This is crucial because all foreign workers need a permit. The permit issued to the workers depends on the kind of program they qualify for. There different types of Canadian Work Permits.

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The number of foreign students who choose to complete their higher education from Canada has increased significantly over the last few decades, with an 11% rise in foreign student enrollment. Offering top-quality education in internationally renowned colleges, the cost of living, a rich and vibrant life along with affordable tuition fees for the institutions make Canada a leading destination for students.

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There are several programs which are specifically introduced for the Business Class, who can significantly contribute to the Canadian economy. This includes entrepreneurs, investors, start-ups or self-employed people who are interested in venturing into the Canadian market and contribute using their business acumen and skills.

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Getting a visa is just the first step towards a new life that you envision to start in Canada. There are several other factors which need to be considered like finding a house, preparing entry at the airport, understanding the laws of the country and getting a clear picture of the obligations that are imposed on the citizens.

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How can we help?

  • FREE assessment
  • Advice on PR , Study , Visit , Business visas
  • Preparing Immigration Documents
  • Pre-landing coaching
  • Live chat – one to one session
  • Job Search
  • Resume and Cover Letter service
  • Interview preparation service
  • Orientation before arrival
  • Post Landing Services
  • Help you and your family settle
  • Help your friends and family

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