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We Help Canadian Businesses Find, Recruit, and Retain Skilled Talent From Across the Globe.

Our Mission

Greentech Resources Ltd is a Saskatchewan licensed foreign worker recruitment agency committed to the development of extensive recruitment networking. We thrive at outsourcing from a vast candidate pool of international skilled workers from within Canada and across the world

Our Vision

We understand the challenges of recruiting workers and the cost of frequent hiring and short-term training procedures. Ultimately, our goal as a recruitment agency is to shift your burden away, thus saving valued time to focus on your business

Our Values

  • Growing your business with qualified employees
  • Saving resources in recruiting but still maintaining the staffing needs
  • Achieving business longevity from a long-term commitment from the employees
  • Focusing on competitive development while decreasing the hiring and training process

Our Services

  • Employer Recruitment Services (In-Canada Transfer or Oversea Recruit)
  • Employment Advertisement Services
  • Employer Labour Market Impact Assessment Services (LMIA)
  • Employer Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)
  • Employee Onboard Training Programs

Our Process

  • Identifying your hiring needs

  • Planning the recruitment process

  • Searching for the viable candidates

  • Screening viable candidates with

    phone interview

  • Scheduling a face-to-face interview

  • Offering of employment

    Hiring the candidate

  • On-boarding of the candidate


The farming industry plays a valuable part in Canada. An industry that requires manpower. We work for clients in the farming industry looking for people to work in various fields. People around the world are working in the farming sector by us.

Hotels and Restaurants always find it difficult to search for quality staff like cooks, food-service people, etc. We are helping our clients with good experience persons over the years. People from Canada or hiring overseas we are making a good evaluation for our clients.

Hiring a skilled technician is a tough job. We are doing it for our clients in an easy way. Outsourcing skilled and trained workers for heavy machinery maintenance with proper evaluation. Advertising and checking skills are what we do in a professional way. Our clients are happy to have us.

Our clients in Canada service workers demand people to work who are considered essential to preserving life, health, and basic societal functioning. These include health care workers, cleaning services, infrastructure workers, and workers who are necessary to supply critical goods such as food and medicines. We are happy and willing to help you come to Canada.

Construction is one of the industries with the highest projections for new employment opportunities. Our clients are always in need of people within the field to make an impact in their industry. We at GreenTech will make your dream come true by helping you to come to Canada through all the processes. 

Different companies are always in the call for workers such as sales managers, sales associates, sales representatives, etc. Over the years, we have helped people around the world come to Canada by making everything super easy. All it takes is the firm decision to start and the perseverance to follow through. GreenTech will provide you nothing but the best quality of service.

Our Clients


Regina Office:

2124 Broad St, Regina, SK S4P 1Y5

Phone Number: +306-500-1704 / 5361

Saskatoon Office:

201-21st St E, Saskatoon, Unit #313, CIBC Building, Saskatoon, SK S7K 0B8, Canada

Phone Number: +306-500-1712 / 1764

Calgary Office:

160 Quarry Park Boulevard SE, Suite 300, Calgary, Alberta,
T2C 3G3 

Phone Number: +1-403-800-1203

Abbotsford Office:

Office 1206 104 – 32615 South Fraser Way Abbotsford, BC V2T 1X8 Canada

Phone Number: +1-604-670-6105

Mississauga Office:

2425 Matheson Boulevard East, 8th Floor, Mississauga Toronto, ON L4W 5K4, Canada

Phone Number: +1-639-915-6160

Email: info@greentechresources.ca2124

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