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15 High Demand Jobs in Canada 2021-2022

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15 High Demand Jobs in Canada 2021-2022


The COVID-19 pandemic left the entire world with terrible, life-altering impacts. It left people jobless, with deteriorating health, postponing plans, and losing loved ones. Similarly, Canada’s economy faced massive consequences. However, the economy is gradually easing back to normality with few high demand jobs in Canada.

As a higher percentage of the world’s population is vaccinated and we reach herd immunity, the chances of life going back to normal rise. Many people were laid off during the economic crisis around the world and Canada has been no different. The good news is that most employers in Canada are planning to rehire their employees once the crisis subsides.

The new normal we see in 2021 is most likely to stay for the years to come. The world is adapting to new ways of life and the way people work has also changed. From adopting digital platforms for remote working collaborations or including new safety measures in closed work environments, companies are finding a way forward.

As 2021 comes to its end, the prognosis looks good for many sectors and is likely to pick up speed in 2022. Having a specialized skill set in one of the following fields can most definitely land you a good job in Canada. The following 15 jobs are in high demand in Canada in 2021 and years to come.

The impact of COVID-19 led to several crises within companies resulting in a burden on several departments like HR, legal and safety. This has led to high demand for administrative assistants in companies in Canada. Since most departments have been busy trying to run businesses, dealing with the virus and implementing safety protocols, the need for assistants is on the rise. Administrative assistants are expected to share the burden like providing office support, attending and redirecting phone calls, assisting accountants and HR.

  • Customer Service Representative

Although people are physically not present to work in an office, the need for customer service representatives is on the rise. A CSR officer needs to deal with an unsatisfied customer who is emotionally distressed. The quality of any company can be determined by how well the CSR deals with a refund or an exchange. Customers feel more confident and comfortable dealing with a real person rather than an automated voice message. Therefore, customer service representatives are high demand jobs in Canada.

  • Sales Associate

Although the world is shifting towards digitalized stores, the need for sales associates is still there. Whether it is B2C or B2B, the demand for a sales associate who knows how to shift sales tactics amid a pandemic is high. If you are a people person and know how to sell, you will find a good job in Canada in 2021 and 2022.

The need for drivers has always been a high demand jobs in Canada and if possible, it increased during the COVID-19 pandemic. Drivers are front-line responders who deliver medical and food supplies to hospitals and stores. The need to keep stores fully stacked during the lockdown has been important. Additionally, since people have been stuck at home, the demand for food deliveries and other essentials increased. This has also led to high demand for car and bike drivers. Having a commercial vehicle license is great for landing a driver’s job in Canada.

During the economic crisis, accounts payable and receivable clerks have become very much in high demand. If you are thorough with the financial transactions of a business and can use any decent accounting software, you are needed! Most jobs related to this field are remote working jobs in Canada.

Canada already had a shortage of nurses before the deadly virus hit the entire country. The surge of patients in need of critical care with a shortage of staff is something that Canada is dealing with and thus requires 60,000 nurses by 2022. The demand to meet the aging population in, pediatric, surgical and neonatal departments are high. If you are a registered nurse, you are needed in Canada.

Projects managers play an integral role in ensuring that the team meets all deadlines while keeping clients satisfied. The new normal ways of working have especially increased the demand for project managers who collaborate with the teams remotely. While project managers is a high demand jobs in Canada in all sectors across the country, there is a higher demand for individuals with experience in construction, IT and manufacturing.

  • General Laborer

To earn a good living in Canada, working as a general laborer is a good option. You can find flexible jobs across the country and there is no shortage of such jobs. Logistics, construction, manufacturing, assembly line work and packaging are just a few of the many options available for general laborer jobs in Canada.

Another high demand jobs in Canada are that of welders. There is especially a bigger demand for Red Seal welders, so if you have a Red Seal certificate, you will be a superior candidate for welder jobs. Welding jobs are available in the mining, manufacturing, construction and aerospace industries in Canada.

The need for a seamless electrical supply of energy has become necessary during the pandemic. With most businesses working remotely, the demand for electrical engineers is higher than usual around the world and in Canada. They are needed for electric power generation for car distributions, computers and smartphones and many other companies. If you are someone who has great communication and writing skills as well as manages projects, you are in high demand in Canada in 2021 and beyond.

Since a larger portion of the workforce is still working remotely, Canada is looking for all kinds of developers. The demand for web, software and mobile development is all-time high and will continue to grow in the years to come. If you are qualified and trained in software, game and website development, you are needed in Canada. Companies are looking for software developers who can create software solutions to meet the ever-evolving customer needs.

  • Merchandiser

Businesses are adapting to a post-pandemic economy where the focus is shifting towards eCommerce. Retailers are therefore, looking for ways that provide a unique experience to their customers. This is where creative merchandisers come into play. About 67% of customers are focused on spending less on apparel and more on other things, businesses are worried. If you are a passionate merchandiser who knows how to make a sale, you are needed in Canada in 2021.

The demand for accountants has increased in the pandemic times. Companies are looking for individuals who can help stabilize the business during the economic crisis. If you are an experienced accountant who can help businesses grow and ensure that capital stays in place, you are sought-after in Canada.

HR managers have been a go-to for all businesses while they tried to stay afloat during the lockdown. From minimizing the workforce to ensuring the right employees are trained for the new normal, HR managers have played an important role. Canada needs agile HR managers who can implement and take teams forward in the post-pandemic world.

  • Financial Advisor

After the COVID-19 pandemic, about 45% of Canadians are financially insecure. Some are worried about making rental payments while others are caught up in the mortgage loop. This is where financial advisors can help fellow Canadians figure out ways to worry less about their financial situations. Financial advisors not only work on individuals but also on businesses. You can find a job in this field across the country from entry-level positions to senior-level roles. These jobs are typically found in banks and financial institutions.

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