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Hong Kong pathway to Canada

Hong Kong pathway to Canada: Immigration 2021


Latest Update: Hong Kong Pathway To Canada Canada launches Hong Kong pathways that will attract recent graduates and skilled workers with faster permanent residency: The Hong Kong pathway is a very positive initiative that will attract young and tale...

Canada with International Students

Canada’s Economic Upswing Through International Students


Canada with International Students Presently, Canada happens to be the third destination in the world in terms of international students. The international student community is almost as strong as 6,40,000, and they contribute up to USD 22 billion to...

how to apply for a student visa in canada

What is Student Direct Stream (SDS) ?


What is Student Direct Stream (SDS) ? "Student Direct Stream (SDS) is a student permit facilitation program which will offer faster and simpler visa processing to international students best placed to complete their academic studies". In order to...